Thirteen by thirteen

I've decided to make a list that I'm calling thirteen by thirteen: a list of thirteen things I'd like to do before the year is out. Some of them might not happen because of money, or time constraints, but I'm putting it up here anyway. Call it a wish list that I will do my best to get done. I'll cross off the things I actually accomplish...woohoo!

1. Take a dance class (which has been amended to) Make a terrarium.

2. Henna my hair.

3. Make Baked Alaska.

4. Finish every last half-finished project sitting in my studio.

5. Build a chicken coop for my poor squashed chickens.

6. Learn to shoot a gun well.

7. Be able to a handstand (amended to:) Make Macarons.

8. Read Anna Karenina. The only reason I haven't yet is because SOMEBODY ruined the ending for me.

9. Plant ranunculus somewhere in my yard.

10. Learn how to smock.

11. Start keeping a sketch journal again. 

12. Go camping, even if it's just setting up the tent in the backyard. 

13. Build a city out of paper.

1 comment:

Betty Hicks said...

Jenn - just found you today. Have been enjoying your blog. 1. how is your hand? 2. Personally - I'm a tommorowist! Loved the new ability to create a whole ist-ness for myself HAHAHA For your 13x13. good luck on getting it all done. I just had to click on Paper city.. AWESOME ! Thanks for your hard work on this blog. I do truly like everything aobut it.