Friday, July 20, 2007


the whole reason i started knitting (other than to have something to do to while away those boring afternoon hours) was because art wanted me to make him a dale of norway sweater. well, yesterday i got my very first dale of norway pattern and all i can say is YIKES. after ilya's super-easy repeating pattern sweater, art's pattern looks like braille. it's knit with tiny yarn on tiny needles with very little repeats...i'm excited to start but also more than a little intimidated.

i was going to go with either heilo or falk yarn like the pattern suggests, but on second thought i decided to go with a less expensive version: knitpicks telemark. i'm sure die-hard dale fanatics would cringe at the blasphemy of using a non-dale yarn, but i figure at least if i mess up royally i won't be kicking myself for destroying 100 bucks worth of yarn.

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