Monday, July 16, 2007

knitting with A.D.D. (aka: instant gratification)

so, after what has seemed like weeks of knitting my first sweater, i reached an impasse: i reached the neck and had no clue what to do next. after sending off a plea for help to the nice ladies at norgeknit, i decided to spend the time waiting for a response with some A.D.D. knitting. i needed something simple, something with only one strand of yarn, and something that would be done and finished by the end of the weekend. i consulted my ridiculously long list of pending projects, and selected these:

i love these! first of all, i've always had a thing for fingerless gloves, impractical as they may be. second of all--they lace up! how cool is that? i got the pattern from leigh radford's Alterknits book. i used a little less than two balls of mission falls merino superwash in lilac. these were so fun!

now, back to the sweater...

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Raven.Silverblade said...

I love the finger gloves! I would totally wear them!