Thursday, November 20, 2008

it's coming along

i have too many projects. period.

so my quilt, that i started...let's august, is nearly done. now i can't say for sure, because this is essentially my first quilting experience, but i have the vague notion that there's an easier, faster way to make quilts. but with this crazy idea of each 12-inch square being unique, and no set widths or lengths to each piece, each square takes about an hour. that includes the cutting, matching up, sewing, and pressing. not a quick, easy process. so you might imagine with 42 squares this hasn't been a picnic. but it's getting there! i've only got one row left, and three of the seven squares are already done. then i sew a border, and send this puppy off to the long-arm quilter! at first i was deluded enough to think i could do the quilting myself but a queen sized quilt is not a task for my crappy little machine. so i suppose i'll have to pony up for a professional job. oh well, with how many hours i've put into this sucker i may as well go all out and make it look decent.

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foldreformer said...

I love your quilt! It reminds me a little of one i have, but it's probably way different, it's packed up in the garage somewhere. Kind of forgot I had it until I saw yours. but it's real old and mostly orange and yellow.