Wednesday, July 22, 2009

it's a start

yesterday i took a trip to a nursery to pick up some herbs to add to my collection. i had basil and rosemary and green melissa (lemon balm) but i wanted a few more. i picked up some dill, chives, and fennel and made my merry way home.

now i have to say, chopping up roots and wielding a shovel in 90 degree heat while nine months pregnant is not my idea of pleasant gardening, but it was still satisfying. it took ages to dig up the leftover roots from the ugly shrubs art had removed from my little patch, and even longer remove all the pine-bark mulch and even out the soil. the boys used their little dump trucks to help me haul away excess dirt, and later they helped bring me bricks for my border from a random pile i'd seen laying behind art's workshop.

at the end of it all we were sweaty, dehydrated, and i was so dirty i actually had to HOSE myself down, but now i have a cute little herb garden! um, well, okay i did plant my bell pepper and jalapeno plants in there, too, but still. herb garden!

of course, it's nothing compared to my grand plans for an organic vegetable garden, but it's a start.

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Susan the shoppe owner said...

Hurrah for gardens and gardening! Boo to sweltering and humid heat!

Love the shabby blog, by the way :O)

Love, Susan