Thursday, August 13, 2009

old friends and new faces

a few months back i posted some ideas for future projects here. well, in a brief attempt to break free from diapering/nursing robot mode, i've finally gotten around to finish one of them--the orimono pillow from anthropologie. i saw this awhile ago in the store and fell in love (as much as one can with a pillow), just not with the price. Eighty dollars is considerably more than i'm willing to pay for a pillow. i'm just sayin'. so i bought some cotton canvas and a pack of fat quarters that had colors i liked, the appliqued the leaves onto the front. it took forever, which is why instead of two pillows for my couch i now have one pillow for my chair. and i'm not likely to make another after all that hassle. still, i like the way it turned out. looks pretty close to the real thing, don't you think?

since my newest little addition so enjoys screaming his head off, i decided to try making a sling to carry him in. i get pretty tense carrying a baby around all day, and i loved the idea of having my hands free, but i was apprehensive about the sling itself. i tried making a maya wrap for my oldest when he was a baby, and i hated that thing. i could never get him to sit right in it, and there was so much fabric that i was constantly hot. and we don't need to be hotter in florida. so it was with trepidation i set out to make a simpler sling with some leftover amy butler fabric i had. well, i'm pleased to say it turned out great, and i love it! it's not too hot, and he sits nice and snuggly inside it. he fell asleep as soon as i put him in, and that's saying something.

aww...look at the little pookie.

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Susan said...

awwww! Both projects are so great! Way to DIY with that pillow. I usually take my Anthro must haves as DIY project inspiration. Right now I am digging Kate Spade's new clothing line (which I will never be able to afford!!! - UG!!!) But I will try my darnedest to do them myself. I want the whole collection (only a tad longer on those dresses...) Congrats on a successful sling! I'd be singing the good Lord's praises for a sleeping baby at any moment :O) I wish I could come over and hang out :O)