Thursday, August 20, 2009

softies and such for swaziland

okay everyone, some of you may have read this already but i'm posting here again anyway. on september 15th three women from my church are going to swaziland, africa to minsiter to the women there and also to look into what can be done for the large amounts of orphans there.

i really want to use my crafty skills to help out and bless these kids who have nothing, and i'm hoping you will too. first i'm posting this email (i'm only including the info about the orphans for the sake of brevity) so you have an idea what is going on over there. later i will post some ideas and patterns, etc., if you want to help out. okay, here it is:

Dear Family and Friends ~

I just want to share with you an exciting opportunity I have been given...

Several months ago, I learned of the desperate situation facing many orphaned children in Swaziland, Africa. As you know, Swaziland is where I spent many of my early years and it holds a very special place in my heart. I recently found out that a dear Swazi friend named Lucy, has begun taking in orphans. These children have been left totally abandoned, seeking food, shelter and with empty, frightened hearts, they are simply trying to survive. Lucy and her husband Isaiah have very little themselves but are giving everything they have to assist these small children. Having no place to keep the children at night, they come during the day and are feed what is available and taught some basic education and most important, about the Lord! I spoke by phone with Lucy and Isaiah a couple weeks ago and heard their hearts. I am told that just in the small town of Siteki (where Lucy resides), there are already 25 coming to them and the numbers are increasing by the day! A local hospital has contacted them, asking if they "would please come get some newborns", left abandoned on the side of the roads and paths. It is so amazing to me that as Americans we are also in a financial crunch, giving up our daily Coke (or Pepsi) to save a buck, yet these Brothers and Sisters in Christ are giving EVERYTHING they have, on the front lines of the battlefield for the sake of the little ones and the gospel. At this point, because they have no place to house these little ones, the children return to the night, often sleeping by themselves under the bushes and stars. There are 5 year old children walking miles, often carrying infants on their hips, to receive the food and love Lucy has...this breaks my heart! I can not sit back and just watch without asking, "Lord, is there something I can do to come along side my Brother Isaiah and Sister Lucy, to encourage them, sending in reinforcements to help them in this fight".

On September 15, 2009, I will be returning to Swaziland to "scout out" the need. I have companies willing to send packets of food containing protein and vitamins mixed with cereal. I have people who have said, "let's go build a structure to house these children and keep them from harms way". I have medical supplies ready to go. I have others asking to send money, BUT I need to see it first hand. I need to see the accountability. I need to see the numbers. I need to see if there is a place we could send a team next summer to build or refurbish a current structure, I already have at least 15 people ready to go! I have a "medical team" willing and ready to go! Though Africa and other parts of the world are filled with the need for such things, God has lead me back to my hometown of Siteki, Swaziland. Who would have ever thought that God would work in such a way. He does far more than we could EVER think or imagine...

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful! We are kindred spirits then. I feel that God's called me to use my craftiness to bless others. This summer I launched do. Good Stitches, a charity bee. You can read more about it on my blog or on the Flickr group. We're making a quilt a month for Wrap Them in Love. I have more sewists contacting me often who want to join, so I'm making a list for do. Good Stitches Too. Maybe that group could make quilts for this orphanage. Would you like to be involved?