Saturday, August 22, 2009

swazi far

here's what i made so far: a blanket (i have enough fabric for three more like it), a platypus and kitty softie, and some weird balls. i'm still hoping you'll join me on this--i'm having so much fun making this stuff!

i'm also pretty excited that i haven't had to buy anything yet--well, except the stuffing. but i have so much scrap fabric that i think i'll be able to make quite a bit of stuff without having to buy supplies. which is great because i'm pretty broke, ha.


Susan said...

I love the colors! And that platypus is just too cute! This might be tacky, but can we give gently used handmade blankies???

Love, Susan

rachel.lyn said...

olivia told me to tell you if you happen to have ANY leftovers at all...she wants one :)