Saturday, November 14, 2009

pumpkin, you are not my friend

but i love you so...

so i have a horrible confession to make. yesterday i made pumpkin cookies, and tonight they are gone.

that's right folks, between me and my two older boys we managed to consume an entire plateful of pumpkiny delicious hateful cookies. i don't even have a picture to post of them looking all orange and tasty and beckoning because they are already gone.

seriously, i don't know what it is about pumpkin but nearly anything i make with it cannot be resisted or eaten in moderation. moderation eludes me when it comes to cucurbita pepo. it sings its succulent siren song to me and i am undone. as are my pants, because i can't fit into them anymore.

christmas cookies do nothing for me. cake i can bypass, and pies i detest. but, oh, a slice of pumpkin loaf fresh from the oven, studded with cranberries and orange zest...pumpkin pancakes with just a little honey drizzled on top...pumpkin scones...but worst of all those dang cookies.

at least now i've got it out of my system. i only make them once a year, and that's it. it's like a little deal i make with the devil-pumpkin. so now i can look forward to next years insane cookie glut-fest...while i work on getting rid of the pounds i probably gained in the last two days.


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foldreformer said...

anytime I hear "pumpkin cookies" images of us in your kitchen at the Adobe Slaughter house with your mom come to mind, I didn't even like them then, but now I'm sure I would help you clear that plate :O)