Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a few things

here are a few things i've made lately. just a few, cause some are still under wraps.

a watercolor i did for my niece, olivia. she probably won't care really but a girl's gotta have some original art. even if she's not even one yet.

a felt yoda i made for johnny. i still haven't given it to him yet, cause we were all sick on his birthday. :(

a quilt i made for my mom. pretty traditional for me, but still enjoyable. and FAST. man, i didn't realize how time consuming freehand piecing is compared to chain piecing. the only reason this became a christmas present (instead of the birthday present it was supposed to be back in OCTOBER--bad me) is because i tried a new method of quilting on my rack that didn't turn out so well. i spent about three days picking out all the stitches then had to start from scratch. ugh. i'd really love to move beyond stippling but apparently i still lack the fundamental skill. drat.

in other news, i've been baking up a storm, rolling truffles, making meringue mushrooms, all in preparation for a christmas party we're having. i hope it's fun. i get so nervous about this sorts of things.

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Susan said...

woman. you're amazing :O) every piece is so unique and special. i'm sure they'll all be loved very much. how's your finger???