Tuesday, February 2, 2010

i give up

i just can't make this blog look cool. no matter what i do, i just make it worse. i'm throwing in the towel.

not that i'm done blogging, but i am officially tired of screwing up my blog every time i try to change the background. it's just annoying. if anyone has any tips, feel free to let me know. otherwise--boring white background it is.


Susan said...

was it a matter of the format you chose for your blog? you know, "minima black", etc? (i clearly don't remember the exact names of the choices) i know that for shabby blogs backgrounds to work, you have to be sure to use blogger's minima (or minimal??? i can't recall) format, etc. i don't know.

honestly, though. it doesn't really matter. your 'art' is so colorful and it deserves all of the attention anyway :)

angela young said...

i tried to mess around with the layout on mine a couple of times, and it was so confusing so i just went back to one of the normal ones!

elizabeth might be able to help you. she's good at that stuff.

Jonathan said...

It's not you, it's the site. In attempt to make it "user-friendly" they've really gone and done the opposite.