Monday, February 8, 2010

i'm not gonna lie...

...i'm becoming increasingly obsessed with fabric.
today i had a car, and on my way home from getting my poor baby checked out and shot up with vaccines i stopped by the fabric store to spend the rest of my gift card. i had a coupon, too, so i got extra. and THEN when i got home, what should be sitting on my doorstep but a box from anna maria horner?

it's fun to be a winner

oh, it's so pretty, and my thanks once again to susan for having such a rad prize on her giveaway! i'm so glad i won! and see that ziploc full of scraps? well, apparently that's my reward for being patient, as the fabric took awhile to get mailed out. not only do i have a stack of pretty fat quarters, but i have some nice home dec scraps to play around with, too! 

and this weeked i got more paper and some new pens, so i'm planning a few more drawings. and i got grey fabric to finish up my stash buster quilt (ha! that's a laugh. as if it can be busted when new, pretty stuff keeps getting added to it).


Susan said...

Yay! I knew all about the extra scrap bag. Hee hee. I actually got to choose that one or the littler one. I hope I made the right choice for you. :) Tell me you got two stacks, right? Or at least twelve squares? Because there were definitely supposed to be two small bundles. Whatever the case, it looks awesome!!! I love that top print (though I like it best in sea). Have fun!!!

blessedby5 said...

Lucky girl:-)
Can't wait to see what you'll make;-)

Elizabeth said...

JEALOUS. And getting into fabric is a slippery becomes all too addicting! I can't help myself either!!

Mrs. Vincent said...

I love fun fabrics...I've never ordered fabric online before. I'm scared it would fast become an addiction! Love your quilts!