Tuesday, March 9, 2010

why i shouldn't be trusted with sharp things

me and my current quilt are not getting along. 

first there was all the craziness of trying to get the fabric i wanted from like eight different sellers.

then there was the getting on a roll only to run out of fabric, spend hours finding fabric from eight MORE sellers, and then waiting for days while the time till my deadline runs down. oh yeah, i still don't have my fabric. 

then today...i decided to just try to eke out a few blocks out of the scraps i've got so i'd be DOING SOMETHING. cause y'know, i hate doing nothing. well, i was happily cutting and piecing and humming pleasantly to myself when ZIP goes my brand new rotary cutter right over my left index finger. hmm. i had that giddy feeling like i did NOT want to look down to see what i'd just done. so i calmly betook myself to the kitchen to get a paper towel for the blood, only when i tried to bring it near my finger yelled, "NO!! WHAT THE #@&!!! ARE YOU DOING??!!" and then of course, since it was being so rude and loud, i had to look down to see what was up. 

the whole side of my finger next to the nail is gone. bye bye. i giggled. then i put a band aid on it. i mean, what else do i do? i had to cover the band aid with tape cause blood was leaking out.

then i went in and saw the cleanly sliced off bit just sitting there on my cutting mat. ew. i then fed it to my curious four-year-old.

so i'm not talking to my quilt right now. she's totally in the doghouse. that is, until the UPS guy shows up with my fabric, then everything will probably be right as rain.


Anonymous said...

all I can say is I hope to God your joking about letting sashka eat your recently severed flesh. Turning your 4-year-old into a cannibal is just bad parenting...therefore, I am only giggling a little bit.

rachel.lyn said...

ummm....i think i am about to vomit.

jen smith said...

sick. me too.