Monday, May 10, 2010

busy little bee

stacked coins quilt

so i've been busy lately. too busy for pictures, really, and my lack of good camera or picture taking skills does not really inspire me to get out there and do it even when i should. but today i forced myself to come out of my quilting cave and snap some pics of my finished stuff. the above is one of two identical quilts, identical because they were once conjoined twins in the form of a duvet cover that i never got around to finishing. i figured they could undergo surgery and become individuals for the cause. i tried to do some more, um, organic quilting lines and it came out organic all right. and by organic i mean messy and not straight at all. but i sort of like it that way.

then i finished the red and aqua cross quilt. yay!

red and aqua, finished

the new wave quilt, all sewed and bound. note to self--seven year old boys don't make the greatest quilt-holders-for-the-purposes-of-picture-taking.

new wave, DONE

on top of the general insanity, i've also been purging/reorganizing/cleaning my "studio" (ha ha), and one of my self-imposed tasks was to sort out my horrible overcrowded crumpled up scrap bin. i've sort of tossed any reasonably sized scrap willy nilly into this plastic bin for, um, over a year, and it was getting out of control. so being sort of type A, i had to take out every piece, lay it flat, and then organize them into color groups. then they went into ziplocs.

i felt like i had to MAKE something with them to justify their continued presence in my house, so i started working on this baby, and i think that i'm going to end up keeping this one. i just love the bright colors against the light gray kona, and the arrangement. not to mention it pleases me no end to make a whole quilt out of stuff leftover from other quilts. you should see the back--it's a miniature of the front and it makes me giggle. i can't find the picture of it though and i am too lazy to go take another. you'll have to use your imagination until i finish it and get inspired to wield a camera again.

scrappy sunrise, finished top

hope you're all having a wonderful day. i certainly enjoyed the sunshine from behind my sewing machine. i kinda wish i'd gone outside earlier, but i was in conquer mode and the urge to finish cannot be laid aside for the pleasures of baking in the sun. ha.

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Susan said...

Woman. You astound me. And inspire me. God bless you.