Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Crazy Quilt Week

tweet quilt
Tweet Quilt

 It's been nuts around here the last week. I've quilted and bound my three WIP's, got two quilts in the mail from some wonderful women, and my friend Jenn dropped off one she made while visiting her mom down here. Awesomeness.

happy dots, done

Happy Dots

Owly squares

Owly Squares.

Linda's quilt

Linda's little yellow quilt--thanks again Linda!!!

Jenn's quilt

Jenn's Big Brown Square. Grazie.

Toni's quilt

Toni's Baby Space quilt. It's flannel and so soft!!

Anyway, with the ones my neighbor is making I've got a growing stack here--about 23 all told. We'll still need more, so if anyone wants to try their hand at a simple crib sized quilt PLEASE let me know.


Susan said...

they are all awesome in their own ways. yay! so happy to see you nearing your goal. hugs, susan

Anna Joy said...

I found your blog through flickr...I love all your quilts!!

Jenn Grigoryev said...

thanks guys. i'm really enjoying watching the stack o quilts grow...