Thursday, December 9, 2010

Not having a camera sucks

That pretty much sums it up for me right now. All the things I've made, all the cute kid moments I've missed...not to mention that Christmas is coming up in a hurry and so far it looks like being the first Christmas in ten years with no pictures. 

I wanted to post a tutorial (finally!) for the journal cover, but how can I do that without a camera? I can't. It's frustrating how much of blogging is dependent upon having the ability to take pictures. 


Other than that I'm totally enjoying the nice break from schoolwork and such. I can sew without frustration because I don't have to stop every five seconds to check homework or answer questions. The kids can watch nerdy sci-fi marathons to their hearts content or run around in the cold weather and I don't have to feel bad about it. It totally rules. Next up for me: my annual extended Lord of the Rings viewing while embroidering snowmen for new stockings. Don't hold your breath for pictures. :)



Rachel Hauser said...

that does suck! Sorry to hear it. On the upside, you may get more done sans camera!

Susan said...

I felt this way about not having one for almost a year up until just before Juliana was born. I totally get it.

However, I learned that while I felt like I was missing out on things, what I was really missing out on was the moments when I so regularly said to myself, "Oh! I can hardly wait to post this on the blog... La la la...", not on the actual moments themselves. I know you know about being present. But as someone who has, I also know it's easy to forget, as well. But it does stink, when you have a blog, not to be able to blog about something you'd like to.

Love you!

P.S. I'd send you a camera for Christmas if I could!

Jenn Grigoryev said...

You're right Susan, I usually am more about being in the moment than capturing it, but it really is sad to miss one of those once-in-a-childhood moments the kids have, especially Malcolm. Last night he had burrito wrapped himself in a HUGE blanket and was laying under the couch watching was so cute but I'll probably forget it ever happened. Sigh.

rachel.lyn said...

tell Art you want one for christmas.

Jenn Grigoryev said...

Yeah, that doesn't work in our family. There are no wishlists or subtle hint dropping when it comes to Christmas. You just get what you get. Ha ha.