Monday, January 10, 2011

Seven days later

It's a Small World hoop {finished}

It's done!

This hoop represents six days worth of sitting at the table with my kindergartner keeping him on his schoolwork. I can't stand to just sit there doing nothing, but if I go do something else his five-year-old attention span evaporates. So I found my happy medium: I can sit with him and hand stitch and he gets his work done and I get cute new hoops for my wall!

I am so in love with how this turned out it's not even funny. I can't stop looking at it and smiling. First of all because I really enjoyed making it, second of all because I've always loved the style of  "It's a Small World" (even if the ride itself is super boring and slightly obnoxious) and wanted to recreate it somehow. And lastly because it has a hot air balloon on it. I like hot air balloons. 

It's a Small World hoop {detail}

I also love the super bright colors on the black background. It makes me think of the velvet lederhosen my mom bought for me and my brother when we lived in Switzerland as kids. (Yeah, you read that right. I have worn lederhosen. I'm not ashamed.)

Anyhoo, I'm relieved to be done, as I always am when working on a long project. Or if I'm honest, ANY project--my attention span isn't too great either. Now I can finish the shower curtain I'm working on that is basically a total ripoff of Rachel's. Imitation is the best form of flattery--right Rachel? (please say yes please say yes please say yes)

Time to exit the world of crafty fun and enter the world of the not so fun but necessary dinner-making. Ciao.


Rachel Hauser said...

WOW, Jenn! What a great way to homeschool. And your new header is awesome. I'll look forward to seeing your shower curtain. I'm flattered!

Jennifer Russo said...

Shower curtain? Now this I gotta see!
Totally love this hoop work!!! I can just picture your wall with different scenes...of course knowing you, you'll probably twist it to where the kid is leaping out of the balloon or something crazy...still - cool!

Elizabeth said...

Looove it! Glad my post about Mary Blair was able to give you a kick in the butt you needed to make this. :):) Now, when are you going to open your Etsy shop? Or publish your book??

Jenn Clark said...

So great!