Thursday, February 17, 2011

hand stitching

Okay, so embroidery is one thing. Hand quilting is something else entirely.

Doll quilt stitching detail

It's not easy. And it's hard to keep the stitches straight. Or even. 

Colored hand-stitching

But the nice thing about making small-scale quilts is that you can experiment and see what you're good at, or what skills you'd like to work on. I think for this doll quilt the hand stitching gives a whimsical touch to an otherwise angular design, even if I'm admittedly not great at making straight, even stitches. Plus I got to use a ton of different shades of embroidery floss which is fun because I like gradients. I know I know, it's a shocker. Color? Gradients? What?

Anyway, I'm missing one shade of purple for the very bottom and then it's time to bind this bad boy. Yes!


Anonymous said...

Love this quilt!!! beautiful!

Rachel Hauser said...

oooh, very pretty! Color - gradients - I hope you have some scraps for my new quilt along =)

jen smith said...

so, so pretty!! i do love the effect of the hand stitching too - and they are perfect and even.
shut it.

felicity said...

Really, really pretty. I love this quilt!

Lindsay Conner said...

What is the neutral fabric you used there--it's so perfect with those brights!

Jenn Grigoryev said...

Lindsay--the neutral is natural linen. I will say it's not the easiest fabric to work with but it does look great with brights! A similarly colored quilting cotton would be Kona Stone.

Amy Seven-Stitches said...

I lovethe colours. I agree with you about the miniquilts being a good opportunity to experiment. I'm also attempting handquilting and finding it to be a dream with the pearle cottons.

Jenn Russo said...

I really like this one, Jenn! The stitching really sets it off right :) Great detail :)

Becky the Librarian said...

Can you tell me what the name of the block is or where I could find this pattern?
Thank you! I love it!