Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

I am not a hippie. For example: I bathe regularly and shave my legs. I despise patchouli. I have no peace sign stickers anywhere. 
But I do like growing things. And I really enjoy the earth that God created for us to live on. I'm happiest when I'm outside on a lovely day watching the trees sway in the wind or smelling pine needles baking in the sun. I love the aroma of all my herbs mingling together on a hot, humid day. So while I don't have dreds, or wear Birkenstocks, or (hopefully) smell like armpits, I do have a thing for nature. 

So happy earth day, people! I'd give you some fresh snowpeas from my garden if you lived nearby...


AnneMarie said...

Wow - don't think I've heard a patchouli reference since high school! Happy Earth Day to you from another green non-hippie.

Jennifer R said...

Hey - Birks are comfy...just sayin'! Hee hee - great pods! You should take pics of the garden and post them - after seeing it last week I was inspired to expand mine :)
Happy Earth Day...from a hippies daughter :)

rachel.lyn said...

hahahaha....this for real made me LOL.

i live close by. BRING ME SOME SNOW PEAS!