Monday, May 23, 2011

Your ultimate mix

Name Your Mix, partner!

What would your ultimate mix be called? I wouldn't even know how to answer this because I'm supremely uncreative with naming things. Thankfully, it's not for me.

Or maybe it is. If my partner is too quiet, I've decided to keep this and make her something else. I'm going to have a little mini rant right now and say I'm very fed up with getting quiet partners. !!!!! Okay. Done.

So. Ahem. Any good mix tape names anyone??


Elizabeth D. said...

This is so cute, Jenn!! I'm dreadful at naming things, though, so I'm afraid I won't be much help. My mixes on my iPod are called super uncreative things like "Uptempto Quilting Mix" and "Tedious Piecing Mix" and "About to Pass Out Workout Mix." I love your mixtape, though, it looks awesome, and I can definitely relate to quiet partners, it can be super frustrating!

B.A.L.|5iveArts said...

My would be called "The Kitchen Sink"

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Gee, I love this! Left a comment over on Flickr and had to see how you blogged it! I HAVE been quiet this swap for many a reason and if I am your partner I apologize! I understand the frustration so again, my bad! You have done a great job with this baby and whomever receives it will be delighted!

Hattie said...

How fun is that?! Love it!

Lynz said...

Crap. If your partner's quiet then it's not me, is it? Such a shame. I may huff.

You, lady, are a very talented and creative person. Good job we're bezzie mates else I would be forced to dislike you!