Saturday, July 30, 2011

DQS done, plus Geek rules

DQS11 Finished

Finished! The quilting is done, it's bound, label on--check. Now it's time to put together the extras. 

But that will come later. For now, here's some geekery:

Geek Chic--Comm badge needleholder

Star Trek comm badge needle holder. Yeah, you read that right. Think that's nerdy? That's okay.

You see, I walk a fine line between normal, semi-cool person and outright freak, a precarious position that is made easier only by following these cardinal rules of conduct:

1) Know your audience. Don't talk about whether Kirk was better than Picard, or how George Lucas became senile somewhere between the 80's and now, or whether the Wheel of Time really is the new Lord of the Rings, etc., unless you're sure you aren't going to get a blank, fixed-smile stare.

2) Do not attend nerd conventions. Don't even think, for a millisecond, in the darkness and privacy of your own toolshed, about how maybe if you were slightly less cool you might, maybe, kind of enjoy going to a convention.

3) Do not admit to speaking Klingon. Ever.

4) Do not show people the dress you made from Lord of the Rings, lest they think you are into LARPing.

5) Do not get into LARPing.

6) Never, under any circumstances, engage a Hipster in nerd talk. If in doubt about whether they are really a Hipster, read this, or defer to rule #1.

That's it! Consider yourself armed, fellow nerds, with the secret rules of my success. And successful I am. Because the Force is strong with me.


Vanilla said...

I love this quilt sooo much!!! It's such a special design, and the colors you picked are perfect. How big is it?

pinkbrain said...

I speak geek but I'm not completely fluent in it. We inherited Star Trek TNG trading cards from my father-in-law (who worked at a comic book store) unfortunately they're not worth much now. I guess I'm geek once removed, with my husband (engineer), my FIL, and my sister (linguist fluent in Klingon).

Also? I so desperately want that quilt to be MINE.

AGAIN I have a quiet partner in the DQS so I'm doing whatever I want to do. Feh.

felicity said...

Ha ha this list made my evening. I absolutely adore your DQS quilt. LOVE it; i hope your partner does too!

Lynz said...

Hee hee!! Now, you know I'm a total geek (conversational Klingon, Star Wars framed posters, the Data video box-set despite not having a VCR for about 10 years!) but I do dress a bit like a Hipster. I just LOVE those Gadaffi scarves! We need to do a geek swap - want one of those ST needle cases!!!

LOVE that wee quilt. Clever clogs.

Amy E. said...

love the quilt, and the tips on geekery! very useful for someone like me, even though i never learned klingon.

Terri said...

I really need one of those com badge needle cases.
How I get myself to get on my treadmill is this rule: You cannot not watch Star Trek DVDs except while walking on treadmill. This works great.

Stargate DVDs however may be watched at any time. Over and over.

Ali said...

I'm going to a comic book convention this weekend, ;)

Beezus said...

Well, I had to ask my husband what LARPing was, so I must be safe. But he knew the answer, so I might be married to someone who also walks a fine line . . .