Thursday, September 15, 2011

geek chic gifts

This Saturday my boys will be going to the birthday party of a little four-year-old friend of theirs, and since we are low on funds (and really, buying plastic junk that will last a week holds no charm for me) I decided to make gifts instead. His mom told me he's really into Star Wars (my kinda kid) and that he's recently gotten more into drawing. Enter the presents:

star wars sketchbook

My friend Heather gave me some vintage Star Wars sheets to cut a small piece off and this was what I came up with. Two birds, one stone. Of course, I had to make a pencil pouch to go with it.

invaders pencil pouch

All in all it took me about an hour for both, which is pretty good I think. I'm getting much faster at putting in zippers that's for sure. In fact it took so little time that I got kinda bored and curled my hair. My kids wonder where I think I'm going but y'know, sometimes a girl just wants to look pretty, even if she's wearing pajama bottoms.


blessedby5 said...

Wow!! Good job! wish I coudl pop things out that quick.

Beezus said...

I need some of your zipper mojo! Besides, you never know when someone could call you via the webcam. They can ALWAYS see your hair -- they only see the pj pants if you want them to. ;)

daisy said...

great present and way better than plastic junk

Lynz said...

Ha ha, you are bonkers! I love the idea of you just having a notion to get the curling tongs out!

They are my kind of gifts, too! Way cool - I'd use them myself!

Suzanne said...

Love these! Excellent use of novelty fabric!