Sunday, September 11, 2011


The last few weeks have been purely crazy, but I actually have made a few things. Like this Christmas pillow (top) here:

christmas pillow top

And I've worked some more on my fall embroidery project.

embroidery, progress

And I made my September blocks for do.Good Stitches.

September blocks, DGS

And lastly, I'm in round six of the Pillow Talk Swap on flickr, and these are some fabrics I've pulled to go with the idea that is taking shape in my brain:

How do you feel about these, partner?
how 'bout some tree action?


blessedby5 said...

All I can say is Thank you:-))

Rachel Hauser said...

Well for a busy week, you definitely got some good stuff done. Your pillow is pretty. I've always wanted to make one like that. Your branches, in particular, have a great shape. Is that weird - Hey, Jenn, I like your branches ;0)

tusen said...

I love your fabric choices for the leaves.