Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a loose ends kind of day

Today I felt inspired to work on unfinished things. For example: the story I've been working on haphazardly for a few years now. I rearranged some ideas, edited some pages and wrote five new ones. Slow going, I know, but cut me some slack--I am surrounded almost constantly by noise and it makes concentrating difficult. That being said it was perfect writing weather today: cold, gray, and briefly stormy.

Once I felt like I'd reached the point of diminishing returns with the writing thing I decided today was the day to finish my ginormous painting. This sucker is 4 feet by 5 feet--the biggest canvas I've used yet. When my husband bought the canvas for me for Christmas a few years ago I immediately knew I wanted to paint a giant magnolia. And then somehow I convinced myself that I should do something else. And I hated the result. I've been meaning to paint over it for ages, and the last few weeks I decided it was time. So here it is, the original (and much more satisfactory--always go with your gut when it comes to creativity!) idea, all finished and making me happy.


Oil on canvas
48 x 60


Lynz said...

Jenn, that painting is magnificent! I wish I could paint like that, I'd have them all over my house!!

Rachel Hauser said...

Ack, that is stunning. I can't hardly believe I know someone that can paint like that. How lovely that you snagged the time to make it happen.

daisy and jack said...

wow wow wow - that painting is fantastic - it would look great on my wall but I'm sure you have a fab spot for it was well :)

Loretta said...

My sweet daughter. How did you manage to get all the talent? So very proud of all your accomplishments! This one is gorgeous! Love, your mommy

blessedby5 said...

You are amazing friend.
You never stop amazing me and Martha Stewart doesn't paint like that. It's official you are better than Martha you are just "JENN"!
Good job girl:-)

Amy said...

It's beautiful! And it's good to hear you are happy with it now!