Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Not the throwing up purging.

I've still got a bit of leftover conquer mode in my system, so I've been doing some cleaning and purging today. Ever been so lazy that you'd rather paint your baseboards than clean them? It's weird I know, but seriously--a cursory wipe with a wet paper towel and a fresh coat of paint and things look instantly better. I'm just saying.

Also, I'm getting rid of some things that I either am not overly fond of, or just don't have a place/use for. Like the second option for my swap partner here:

"freebird"--original option

The first person to leave their address can have it. I really liked this one, but I have way too many mini quilts around here as it is.

There may be a few more freebies popping up on here while I'm purging, so keep an eye out. In the meantime, I'm going to go take a toothbrush and look for gunk-filled crevices. Wish me luck.


Krista said...

well, i would rather not leave my address in a comment for all to see, but i totally want it! can i email it to you? please o please?!

Krista said...

As for hitting gunk-filled crevices with a toothbrush, good luck with that. I need to do the same :D

Beezus said...

Well, darn it. I thought I might be the first, but Krista beat me to it. :) I do love this design of yours.

elle said...

even though this is waaaay later than the original post, i had hoped that the three comments were not eager for this lovely little mini! lol!

good luck purging! i would need about a dozen me's all in the mood to clean and purge in order to get my house unpacked and spic and span.

daisy and jack said...

gee - I LOVE this little quilt and can't believe you would give it away - my address is PO Box 65, Tumbarumba, 2653, New South Wales, Australia - just in case Krista's email didn't get through - lol :)

Rachel Hauser said...

Aw, it's cute, Jennifer. But, I'm growing a stash of unclaimed finished items too. It bugs me.

Krista said...

Mini arrived yesterday! Thank you, I looooves it so much :D