Thursday, April 19, 2012


Man, I can't wait for June. I wouldn't have thought those words would ever enter my thoughts or come out of my mouth (not in Florida, anyway) but there you have it. It's been back-to-back crazy ever since February and it doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon. But June is when we take a homeschool break, and that at least I can look forward to with some degree of certainty.


This past weekend we celebrated my oldest's ninth birthday, and a great time was had by all. I planned (and built, and planned some more) an adventure party which involved dirt, an obstacle course, bloodworms, and a lot of falling down.


You can read more about it over at The Grigoryevs, our family blog.

I also finished my friend's wedding dress. It was a relief to be finished (and to see the giddy smiles and hear the giggles that the finished product was met with). It also made me want to do MORE. I loved the whole process of making something pretty and special. I would love the chance to make one from scratch, rather than revamping an old one, if only because there were some slightly jerry-rigged bits that, as a perfectionist, made me feel a little twitchy. 

 In the interests of keeping things under wraps until the actual wedding has taken place, I don't want to show the whole thing. I felt bad that I put those other pictures up on the cat pee post--it didn't even cross my mind that a wedding dress needs to be a secret until the big day! Duh. But I can show you the little flowers I made to sit at her hip:

 I enjoyed using bits of the original dress in the embellishments. I used tulle from the petticoat we got rid of and some of the fabric-covered buttons from the jacket that came with the dress in these flowers. The groom is wearing a blue seersucker suit, so she wanted bits of blue in the flowers to reflect the color of his outfit. Fortunately I had a few blue beads in my collection of random things. 

I can't wait to show you the whole thing. !! I hope she gets good pictures for me to use, because between finishing the dress and throwing a b-day party (in the same day) I totally forgot to take a picture of the final product! Dang, I hate that. Still, it looks way better on her than it does on a hanger, so we'll keep our fingers crossed that I get a good pic of her wearing it after the fact.

This weekend I'm throwing my good friend Jenn a baby shower at my house. This is the first time I have ever done anything other than a Christmas or birthday party, so I'm pretty excited to use my girly ideas to make it pretty. Not too pretty, because she's having a boy, but still. Pretty. Fortunately, we're in agreement that there will be no lame, embarrassing games to play. No gross "guess the baby food" or "guess what candy bar I squished into this diaper" stuff.  And since this is her third baby, we're not doing presents--just food, praying for their family, and hanging out. Which means I get to focus on the prettiness. And the food. Eeeeee! Exciting.

And lastly, if you enjoy random things that kids say, you should read these posts. And yes, I gave my six and nine year-olds a bit of coffee yesterday. Try not to judge.


Elizabeth said...

I still can't get over how realistic those worms were...SHUDDER! Haha. Glad we got to make it to the tail end of Ilya's party. It was fun! And I'm dying to see Linda's dress!

Jennifer R said...

When I think of how God made your brain I think that behind every fold he placed a tiny index card labeled "cool unexpected ideas to wow your friends"
I hope we get some pics to you of the adorable mushroom forest cake and the spread of amazing treats on the deer skin covered table! It really came together - girly, yet completely appropriate for a boy at the same time. Is that possible? I'd say so! Great great party, Jenn!