Monday, June 18, 2012

heat wave, 2/3

This past weekend, two things happened at once: our air conditioner broke, and my oldest and youngest started running fevers. 

It's June. We live in Florida. This does not make for an ideal situation, people.

Two straight days of having 103 degrees of sweaty toddler suctioned to my side left me feeling less than inspired to do anything other than jump in the pool when the littlest conked out, or stare out the window in heat-addled malaise. I discovered that as long as you sit directly next to or under a fan, don't move too much, and have a giant Mason jar of ice water right where it takes minimal effort to get it to your mouth, you can survive a few days in the elements without too much misery. But drape a whining, feverish two year old across your chest and your chances of coping go down significantly.

( I've said it before and I'll say it again: nothing is cuter to me than seeing my kids totally passed out with fevers. I think it's because it's the middle of the day, and because they look so...peaceful. Try not to judge me.)

Strangely, last night I had the sudden inspiration to finish my painting, which makes me two thirds closer to crossing #4 off my list. So at least there's that.

Here's to hoping our a/c gets fixed tonight, because seriously--UGH.


SewAmy said...

your boy is adorable, I hope he feels better soon. They are so sweet when asleep. Your painting is amazing by the way. And our A/C is out too, but we live in Va so it isn't as hot. It must be the that time for the a/c's to break. :(

Lynz said...

Air conditioning?!?! Pah. Our heating is still on! It's JUNE!!!! I'm trying to feel sorry for you, honest. *g* LOVE the painting and yeah, I used to feel the same when my Chook conked out midday when ill. We'll be bad mamas together.

Terri said...

Oh my goodness! I hope the AC is fixed! We're having a heat wave here too, it's 94 degrees in the shade according to our backyard thermometer. I was enjoying sitting on the front porch by pretending I was in the sauna, but I don't have a sick kid!