Sunday, December 30, 2012

a few Christmas faves

Out of all the things I made this year for presents, this one was definitely my favorite.

Finished farmhouse doll bed

Isn't it cute? If I had been a girly girl as a child, I probably would have loved this.

Doll bed and quilt

I hope it gets lots of good use.

Here's my husband with his favorite gift--the vice for gun cleaning. Check out that leather doodad on the butt of his rifle--he designed and hand sewed that whole thing. How awesome is that?

When I realized that my dad and stepmom had gotten the kids an Xbox for Christmas, I was a little worried that the rest of the presents they got from us would look super lame. I mean, what's a Mason jar full of marbles compared with a video game? But to my delight they were equally excited about the marbles and legos and board games as they were the video games. Still, they were (are) pretty into this Disneyland game that came with the package. And that Kinect thing makes them super hilarious to watch while they play.

My gift this year from my husband was a gun. No pictures of that one, but maybe I'll post some later of me shooting it. I haven't had the chance to try it out yet. We were supposed to spend some time doing target practice at our camping/hunting trip we just got back from, but everyone got the flu, and it was freezing, so we never got around to it.

What about you all? Did anyone get something they were really excited to get?

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