Friday, December 14, 2012

ding dong the top is done

At last! The x & + quilt top is DONE.

x & + quilt top is done

Why is it always overcast when I finish a quilt? It's like I'm not allowed to get a good picture of my work. Maybe that will help me to part with it in a few weeks. Who knows.

At last.

Anyway, what do you all think of that sashing? I wasn't sure about it while I was working on it but I think I really like it now.

Now to figure out a backing...hmmmm....


Bessie M. said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

capitolaquilter said...

eight months is pretty quick in my wip world, congrats on the finish. the sashing lets each block really pop and gives such a different look.

Jenny said...

I love your quilt!! Love all the different prints and how each block has its own color scheme.

Kirsten said...

Such beautiful blocks - the sashing looks fabulous !