Wednesday, January 30, 2013

hobbits and me: factors in common

So in case you were wondering what I have in common with a Hobbit, the real question is: what don't I?

Let's see...tough, hairy feet. Check. The ability to move soundlessly through a forest? Got it. Living in a tunnel? Yep. A midmorning hunger that can only be attributed to my need for Elevenses? Naturally. And most importantly, we share a love of things that grow.

Three year old Purple Basil--it just doesn't die

Okay. I'm not really quiet in the forest. You got me.

Datura, aka "Devil's Trumpets"

But I'm a bit plant obsessed. It's pretty much spring here in Florida and already I can't stop thinking about flowers and herbs.

Dwarf Azalea
I spent a whole day last week turning an unsightly patch of weeds in my front yard into an island of grasses, shrubs, and flowers.

Canna Lily
I had my husband pull a heavy, twisted stump out of a ditch so I could get rid of some ugly bushes and start working on this little vignette:

It's a start!
I even tried to make yet another potted plant for my shaded front porch. We'll see if I can not kill it this time.

Coleus, Liriope, and some kind of fern I dug up in the woods. 
And today I'm going to be planting a whole mess of seeds. Yay! I love spring.

I'm pretty sure Hobbits love the spring, too.

P.S.--If anyone local wants some Datura or Canna Lily seeds, I just harvested a bunch off my plants. Lemme know.

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rachel.lyn said...

uhhh, I'll take some flower seeds!