Wednesday, March 13, 2013


A million years ago, when I was studying art in college, the two classes that I really felt I had to work hard at were drawing I and drawing II. Not that my other classes weren't hard--at one point I truly believed that my 2D design class could possibly kill me. But I really struggled with getting proportions right, with having a light touch, with not trying so hard to be hyper-realistic that I made everything look overly stylized.

Last year, I taught a drawing class for the high-school kids in our church's co-op, and it made me realize how long it had been since I'd drawn. Sure, I'd painted. I'd sewn. But pencils on paper? Not so much.

Recently I've started drawing again. And painting. And I find it such a right-brain relief to get back to basics, so to speak.

Today I decided to try colored pencils. It's not a realm I've ever really delved into, but I have three full jars of good quality Prismacolor pencils just going to waste. I hate waste. So I experimented.


Is it weird that I've always thought red onions were beautiful? And beets. And red cabbage. Maybe I just like the jeweled pinks and purples.

I also played around with watercolors yesterday. I've been wanting to experiment with using warm and cool colors to show perspective. I took a black and white photo of a crystal and then used the colors I wanted, using the principle of cool colors recede and warm colors come to the foreground. It was fun.


I don't know how successful it is as far as perspective goes, but it's colorful, and I love color.

I'm really having a good time in my new space. Soon I will be done with the revamp, I can't wait to share!


Lynz said...

I properly, properly love that onion. Pencil? Really? Clever kid.

Shannon Wolf said...

I love that crystal! I'd hang it on my wall (wink nudge)