Monday, May 27, 2013

gotta draw

This past week I ran in a muddy obstacle race, we celebrated my husbands 40th birthday, and then we drove all day Friday to go to my stepsister's wedding in North Carolina on Saturday. Drove back yesterday. Home today, with not much to do besides a heap of laundry and a head cold to liven things up a bit.

And then I just had this feeling like I needed to draw, asap.

Micron Pen and Watercolor

So I did. And it was fun. And now I'm trying to ignore the fifty bazillion other things I need to do, in lieu of the art I want to do. Don't you just hate when boring, mundane ole life interferes with your creative pursuits??

Laundry be darned, I'm gonna go draw.

1 comment:

Lynz said...

Dude! Loving the galloping mammoth!! Heh. And, yes, it sucks when we have the should-do guilt when we have the want-to-do list!