Wednesday, June 5, 2013

retroactive makes


I admit, with all that's been going on lately, I completely forgot about my resolution to make something I've pinned on Pinterest each month and document it.

I mean I didn't forget to make stuff, I just didn't remember to y'know, take pictures and keep track of it all. Plus the bulk of my pin-inspired makes were in the form of recipes I tried, and I never take pictures of dinner.  Ha.

So here are a few super late pins (or pin-inspired) things I made in April and May (and maybe just a teensy bit of June):

This past weekend I was the cake-maker for my friend's baby shower. I kinda pulled from various cakes I'd seen on Pinterest and then proceeded to do whatever the heck I wanted to. I liked how it came out. It was a dark chocolate orange cake with cream cheese frosting, with lavender, succulents, buddleia, and sugared blackberries for garnish.

On a kind of unrelated note, all those flowers on the cake and the table are from my garden. Aren't they pretty? I'm so excited to finally have some pretty things growing in my yard. Yay! Ahem.

Photo cred: Rachel Copple
Considering that when the planning meeting for the party went down I was at home cooking dinner on a cande-lit campstove and washing my dishes with pool water (power outages are FUN!), and all I had to go on creatively was, "something violet," it all came together really well.

Let's see, what else? After all the craziness of company and races and traveling, me and my boys needed some down time. So clad in our pj's, we busted out the big box of craft sticks and tried the exploding popsicle stick chain reaction. It was awesome.

I made homemade ginger ale using this recipe. It was nothing like store bought ginger ale but still... surprisingly yummy and refreshing.

I got a hydrangea and some pampas grass (which looks gnarly right now, so no pic), both of which were on my plant wishlist. Hopefully they will do well where I put them.

How about you all--and fun makes lately??


we are the deanes said...

I have been planning to try that stick trick with my kids, too :O) How long did it take to build it to that length?

P.S. I love the cake! So pretty!

good. said...

so YOU made the cake ;) Great job. Very pretty, indeed.

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

oh, wow, now I need some popsicle sticks! I'm going to show this to the kids.