Monday, August 12, 2013

I believe in miracles

About four years ago, as some of you may remember, I began making quilts to send with our church on a mission's trip to Swaziland in Africa. I had generous people donating quilts as well, and we were able to send quite a few over for the orphans there. We also made stuffed animals and other toys to send. Seeing my friend's pictures of those colorful quilts spread on the beds of what was once a cheerless clinic was such a blessing to me. I felt honored to be a part of that, even if part of me wished I could have been there myself to help out, I had a newborn so that wasn't really an option for me at the time.

A few years later and we were making pillowcase dresses and cotton shorts for the 80+ orphans being cared for at the Siteki Care Point. We pumped out a ton of cute little dresses, and once again I felt both blessed and a bit jealous that I couldn't be part of the team of people going out there to build, feed, and share God's love with the hurting people in Swaziland.

And now it's today. In just a little over a month, another team will be heading from Tampa, Florida to Swaziland to minister to the people there. Once again I find myself scrambling to find something to donate to the cause and feeling that longing to be part of the team going out. I happened by the little table in our church's lobby, laden with sign up sheets for a fundraiser dinner, craft sale and silent auction, and I felt that pull again. I started talking with Lynda, the team leader and founder of Hope Alive 268, and she said she wished I was going to help with the music because they love to sing so much over there. I wanted to cry.

"I know it's too late," I said. "I know you're leaving soon and I have no money and nobody to ask because everyone I could ask is probably already supporting another team member. I just want to go so bad!!"

And then she reminded me that if God wants me to go, He will provide. I know this. I KNOW this because I've seen it in other people and even in my own family when my parents had no idea how they would get to Russia and then a huge check arrived at the last minute allowing them to go. I don't know why I doubt. I guess it just seems so unreasonable. I would need $3,000 to go. The ticket needs to be bought asap to ensure I'd be on the same flight. I need someone to watch my boys while I'm gone.

There are lots of obstacles. Seemingly insurmountable ones, too. But I know that my God is a God of miracles. The longing in my heart to help, the desire I've always had to go to Africa, the feeling that I just need more of Him, the need to see His work and feel connected to my brothers and sisters in other countries--if these things are leading me toward Africa then three g's is nothing in His economy. And if not...well, then I guess He wants me where I am for now.

I do believe in miracles. I accept that they're not always part of the plan. But oh, I want to see Him do something crazy, something glorious, something rad.

In the meantime, I'm donating all my goat's milk soap for the craft sale. If nothing else, it was a good incentive for me to get off my butt and finally package them all up. :)


Lynz said...

I heard a fabulous thing the other day.

"God answers our prayers - sometimes the answer is no."

Is that not just perfect? I hope you get what want. But if not? Mick said it best - you'll get what you need! X

good. said...

I will be praying for you and God's will to be done! Also, I hope all those soaps don't get snatched up right away because I want to buy some!

good. said...

oh and I LOVE the packaging.

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

I hope He provides! If I could go to that craft show, I'd surely buy some of your soap. Awesome packaging. My mom would love that. She wants to get goats for milk and soap making (and so much more).

we are the deanes said...

Beautiful hopes and beautiful soaps, Jenn.

God bless your generous heart.

Love you.