Thursday, September 26, 2013

four days.

In four short days, I will be on a plane heading for South Africa.

In four days, I need to:

Pack up my kids schoolwork.
Actually make a lesson plan for the two weeks they'll be with my mom.
Pack up my guitar stuff.
Learn a bunch of kids songs, and accompanying hand motions.
Finish illustrating a book about Noah.
Find time to go on a date with my husband.
Find time to take my mother-in-law, who has been here all month, to the beach.

No biggie, right? Four days is Puh-lenty of time.

Last Saturday, one of our team leaders asked me if I could do some illustrations for some kids books. They had actual books, but they were tiny and we will be reading out loud to a large group of children, so they copied the books out onto a big sketchpad and they needed some pictures to go with it.

"No problem!" I said. After all, I'm here to help.

And then I realized what I needed to do. EIGHTEEN pages of large drawings. In one week. While homeschooling and packing and finding time for a date and beachgoing. Oye.

I think I got a little slaphappy because when sketching out ideas for the second book about Noah and the Flood, I put dinosaurs in the queue with all the other animals loading up into the ark. I asked our leader if that was okay, and she said she was pretty sure that the dinosaurs never made it onto the ark since they're all extinct.

I couldn't help myself...

no dinos

I dunno, too irreverent?? :)

Anyway, here's hoping and praying we have a great trip. Seeya on the flip side!!


Lynz said...

*guffaws* Not too irreverant for me!!! Have a wonderful time, dearheart, and bless you! X

Kathy said...

Love the expressions on the dinos.

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...


good. said...

Awe man, I could have helped you with the drawings! Oh well, I'm sure you got them done and everything else ;)

Dror said...

Hope you're having blast in Swaziland. Was nice to meet you.