Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Summer

One of my friends from church, who is fairly new to Florida, told me that her daughter claimed that here there are only two seasons: Summer, and Christmas Summer.


It's so true. We had a lovely chilly Thanksgiving, and now for the beginning of December it's back to shorts and t-shirts for us. So we make ourselves feel Christmasy by watching our favorite Christmas movies (Elf, It's a Wonderful Life, and LOTR are the top three), covering the house in flurries of paper snowflakes, and generally making our home look kind of ridiculous and, according to my kids, "so awesome."





I've also been busy making little presents for the littlest family members. Like these little mermaids for my niece…


And this little quilt top for my nephew, which was made out of the extra blocks I had from making the exact same quilt for my youngest. I kind of love that both the youngest of three will have the same quilts, and despite my reservations about quilting again, I really enjoyed getting back into to sewing.


I feel like this month is already flying by. I wish it would stop doing that, I want to enjoy it! :)

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rachel.lyn said...

those mermaids....!!!!!!!!!! love love LOVE them.

and i can't wait for ephraim to have his very own aunt jen quilt!! Perfect color scheme!