Friday, December 5, 2008

birdie sling

i just finished this bag the other day, and i love it! i'm officially an amy butler fan now. although this bag was NOT quick to make, the instructions were straightforward and simple. which i really appreciated. even though i've been sewing since i was a kid i still get confused by the pictures and jargon on standard patterns. anyway, this is the best purse i've ever had and on top of that can easily double as a diaper bag. fun, fun.


Heather said...

That is an insanely nice bag!!!

Nathan said...

my mom made this bag for me! perhaps you saw it at the wedding? i love it. i use it was my diaper bag. be warned though - things can easily be lost inside it's so huge.

jenn clark

Nathan said...

yea so i just saw the date of this post. ha! i'm an idiot.

just ignore that previous. i do love this bag though.