Wednesday, April 1, 2009

random stuff

it all started with an idea. the idea was that i'd always wanted to try making a real quilt, only i didn't want something old-ladyish and overly structured. enter the inspiration: "drunk love in a log cabin" by denyse schmidt. hours and days and weeks later, a giant queen sized quilt top was born. then i had a birthday, and what did i get but a ginormous quilting rack that still scares me silly to look at. today, after HOURS of sewing, pinning, winding, and trying not to say bad words, my labor of love (which could nearly be equalled time-wise to an elephant's gestation) is finally on the rack and ready to be quilted. now i just have to grow a pair and START already.

to distract me from my abject terror i've been stockpiling lovely fabrics for future terrifying endeavors. i love this series by heather ross, it's so pretty and orangey. i love orange. the nice part is the company who i ordered it from accidentally gave me too much of two fabrics, and instead of sending it back they are sending me the one i ordered and i get to keep the extra stuff. yay! i love freebies.

these are some of my greens for boy #3's quilt. i've decided to go with green, not because it's supposedly gender neutral but because i like green. as soon as i'm finished with the monstrosity on top i figure i'll go ahead and start this new one. hopefully my due date will give me the extra impetus to get started (and finish) that. ha.

on a completely unrelated note, this year i decided to bite the bullet and try some naturally dyed easter eggs. the blue ones are red cabbage, and the rest are onion skin dyed. i love them! i can't wait to experiment with more colors...


mrs.deane said...

Very cool! But the quilting rack looks like a torture device! And I'm confused already! Alas, I am no quilt maker :O( I wish. Also, I'd be fearful that my children would either get stuck in it, pinched in it, or what-have-you, or they'd break it by climbing on it immediately after I step into the shower.

I love your fabrics. I love Etsy for it's fabric shops most of all. I am a fabric fanatic - and the Heather Ross series you've got is so great. Becky Aguiar did a little dress or apron out of the mermaid print a long while back and I fell in love with it back then. Right now I'm a total sucker for Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks collection mostly in the blues, though I'm not big on the prints that boast bold stripes with floral print added on - fortunately the rest of the collection is amazing. and Moda has a Wonderland collection that has some very neat prints. I have a gorgeous stack of the most lovely fabrics that I will someday use when I actually have a functioning sewing machine. God willing!

And your eggs are so pretty! I was going to try natural dye but the ones I read about were made with blueberries and other expensive stuff and I thought to myself, "Why in the world would I waste a pack of blueberries on dying some eggs???" But your dyes turned out so well and those produce items aren't too pricey!

Okay. This comment has gotten rather long. So I'll just make it longer :O( Ha.

Nathan said...

i'm really wanting to quilt too! i made one with no instruction what so ever and it came out cute (a baby quilt for a friend, just easy little squares). i just got a book from the library - material obsession. have you seen it? i love almost all the quilts in there.

jenn clark

bettyninja said...

Hi! I've never tried quilting on one of those before but they look fun. I think you can quilt some really pretty lines with them! I clicked on your bike post too :) I got that wood fabric from fabricsupplies on etsy. They don't have that brown in the shop, but may still have some if you email. Good luck!