Thursday, June 11, 2009

stacked coins, part one

so i guess the reason i can't get anything crossed off my to-do list is because i keep adding more projects to it...

the other day i got a package in the mail that included moda's arcadia fabric in jelly roll form. i LOVE this fabric. so i decided that i HAD to make a stacked coins quilt. that's right. i HAD to. so i spent a few hours yesterday sewing all the strips together, and today cutting those strips into smaller strips. then i made the awesome discovery that a flat sheet i had (we don't like flat sheets in my house, except for using as scrap fabric) matched the browns in the moda fabric perfectly! i love when things come together like that. so here is part one of my newest creation:

since i started this thing i already decided to make it into a duvet rather than a traditional quilt. i've got to find a way to cover up the hideous tommy hilfiger hawaiian comforter that has been uglifying our bed for the past six years. we'll see how that goes. ha.

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