Saturday, July 18, 2009

nursery works in progress

it's been awhile since i've posted anything on here--not that i haven't been busy. moving meant being busy in a not-fun way, but now that we're settled i've been able to work a bit on some decorating, including finishing up some half-finished projects. i'm really excited about the baby's room--it still needs paint (ahem, no fingers pointed at who is supposed to have done that...husband) but so far i'm really enjoying having a space to work with. my poor other kids never had a real nursery so this is like delayed gratification for me.

front of the baby's quilt. i like it.

back of the quilt--i like it more than the front, actually. weird, i know.

some weird art i did for the nursery walls. somehow i'm just not a dinosaur, car, or zoo animal nursery person, so i opted to create my own creatures. i have several more on the walls already, but i already varnished them which makes them too shiny to capture on film.

the crib. i did buy the bumper (it was cheap, brown, and so soft!) but i made the bedskirt to match the quilt. that was fun.

the dresser was a hideous oak-colored hand-me-down with giant square knobs until i revamped it with some new knobs, a little spray paint, and some sawed-off drawer slides (why can't they just make them the right length to begin with?). the shelf i got from goodwill and i already love that i can keep little things in those baskets like socks and pacifiers. i was always losing socks with my first two. i was happy the changing pad fit perfectly on top of the dresser, and a cute white basket from homegoods means i can chuck pooped-on clothes somewhere separate from my normal laundry. yay!

now all we need is paint (call me crazy, but navy blue and beige just don't do it for me), and for me to make some curtains (out of old ones, of course.) fun!


elizabeth ann said...

So cute, Jenn! Now you need to pop that baby out. Get the paint on the walls, already! Not much time left. :)

Susan the shoppe owner said...

Where do you find the time, my dear??? Amazing! I can hardly wait to see the next adorable Grigoryev baby boy :O)