Friday, July 31, 2009

mendocino madness!

well it's not really madness, i just felt like a little alliteration. say that ten times fast. "a little alliteration, a little alliteration, a little..."

huh? what? sense, where canst thou be? i don't know. the closer my due date looms the less sense i seem to make, even to myself.

so here's the finished mendocino quilt top. i would love to finish finish this sucker before the baby comes, but unfortunately i don't have any backing fabric and i'm totally broke.

while i'm waiting for money to magically appear in our checking account, i've decided to do a little poll. what fabric do you (yes YOU) think i should choose for the back? leave me a comment with your vote today!

a) cathedral windows by anna maria horner
b) kelp forest by heather ross, plum
c) kelp forest by heather ross, orange


rachel.lyn said...

i vote orange....!!!
or the pretty pink one (a) would
be good to. that quilt is insane.

jen smith said...

i vote A.
and i agree with rachel, this quilt is beautiful!!

Jenn Ryan said...

i vote orange.

i want to sew so bad. but the thought of taking 3 kids to the fabric store to get my machine fixed seems too much to handle.

yay for being at my mom's all next week. where i hope to sew most every day... if even just for 5 minutes.

Heather said...

I've been on an orange kick for the last few months, so I vote orange.