Tuesday, July 28, 2009

sneak peak at my latest project

yesterday a delivery truck came with my new sewing table (aka: ugly formica-topped banquet table--exactly what i wanted!) and after i set everything up i just couldn't let my sewing machine sit there all lonely and unused. i needed to try my new setup out! so i started working on my mendocino quilt. so far i have ten 15" squares sitting in a pretty little pile. here's my favorite so far:

more to come later, if i don't have this baby tonight. because wow, ouch! i'm going to go walk around now, see if that helps...

1 comment:

Susan said...

It's so pretty :O) I love how you combined everything. You are in my prayers as you are in your "last days", ha ha. This is when I get really nervous. I mean, I know that I've already "popped" - as if it were that simple - a baby or two (and now three) out and all, but just the fact that such a thing is about to happen to me again... Ouch! Burning ring of fire, you are not my friend!