Monday, August 31, 2009

frilly and pretty... not something i'm usually very good at. so when i was asked if i could make something "frilly and pretty" to give to the swazi women as favors for the conference, i was sort of at a loss. luckily, my friend abby suggested flowers, and we both said, "brooches!" at the same time. i looked around online for ideas, knowing i wanted to make something sort of organic looking (no precisely cut felt flowers, for example),
and i finally came up with a workable plan. eight dollars worth of fabric, some glass beads and a lighter later, and i was set!

initially, i was understandably daunted by the idea of making 60 of these, but really they come together pretty fast after the first few botched experiments i made. and i sort of enjoy the mindless repetition, especially after yet another sleep-deprived night with a three-week old. in the space of one movie ("a good year"--i love that movie) i whipped out thirty of these babies in cream and peach. fun! i didn't get any pics of the peach because i was lazy. whaddya think??

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blessedby5 said...

ok want to learn how to make those!! Beautiful great job;-) They could also be hair pins too( I have something similar I can show you) and great gifts for xmas.
You are so talented can't wait to see whats next.