Monday, September 7, 2009

super awesome

while i was pregnant i let my brother borrow my guitar to use at church, but now that my giant preggie belly is gone i've been jonesing to get my strum on. my friend jen was nice enough to let me borrow her ukulele and i've been getting my fix messing around with it. it's super awesome. i always wanted to learn to play the ukulele (and the mandolin, but those are really expensive) so i've been browsing online for fun things to try to play. whilst i was perusing, i came upon this gem. you really have to watch the whole thing, it's ridiculously rad. i told my husband that i think being part of a group like this would be nearly as good as getting to be an extra in one of the lord of the rings movies.


Heather said...

Yeah, these guys are awesome! I think I posted their version of Shaft on my f/b page. Stinkin' hilarious!

angela young said...

haha, nathan was JUST talking about wanting to be an "extra" elf in the hobbit. so funny.

contrarian 78 said...

try this on for size: