Thursday, October 29, 2009

reader or peruser?

so, i have a question for you all--do you read magazines, or merely peruse? are you the type to read every article in your favorite magazine as soon as you get it in your mailbox, or do you read it piecemeal on occasion until it's finished a month later?

as avid a reader as i am, i find that i'm a peruser. (yes, i'm aware that "peruser" is not a real word, deal with it.) whenever a new magazine shows up, i spend a half hour or so looking at all the pictures, then it goes on the bookshelf or the bathroom. some magazines i might read through the articles, especially if i find the topic interesting or there's some kind of tutorial for a craft (hello martha stewart living). but in general i read captions and that's about it. a few months ago i read an entire national geographic article and i was proud of myself. but i only did it because it was written by garrison keillor and it was about state fairs and thus i knew it would NOT be about evolution or being green. oh, and i do read all the hilarious tree-hugger comments that people send in. (my recent favorite was one by a lady who was "weeping" at the undignified pictures of a poor frozen baby mammoth that had been unearthed. seriously? how much dignity does a dead elephant need? ugh. that is a whole other rant that i shall spare you, but seriously, does anyone remember when national geographic was about far off places and interesting cultures? anyway.)

so which are you? reader, or "look at all the pretty pictures" preschooler? :)


angela young said...

preschooler, definitely. haha. it takes me forever to read a magazine too. i love to look at all the pictures way before anything else.

blessedby5 said...

Ditto unless there are some real good articles, I scan and then when I get free time here and there I look at them longer:-)