Monday, November 2, 2009

costume parade

this year i had fun with costumes. I didn't use patterns this time around, which made life interesting but also figuring out how to make things myself is something i do enjoy, although making me more prone to muttered expletives and throwing things. i don't know that i could say what i was most proud of making, although my niece's fleece valkyrie hat was definitely at the top of my list. and the acorn hat i knit for my littlest man. the gnome was pretty funny, too. okay, okay, i liked them all. and the kids had a blast wearing them.

the viking, the garden gnome, the baby acorn, and the valkyrie

i know my boys will be wearing these all year, so i tried to make them sturdy. so far so good. talk to me again in a few months.

1 comment:

Susan said...

I LOVE them!!!

Yay for homemade/DIY unique goodness :O)