Monday, February 1, 2010



took a break from sewing today. decided i needed to do some art. since i'm still not sure what the next step is for my giant mostly finished painting, i opted for a quick fix--which for me involve paper, my micron pens, and occasionally some watercolor paint.

for years now (like eight) i've been fascinated by things that are divided up into cells or modules--whether that be slides of skin cells or the way pomegranate seeds are separated from each other by thin pulpy flesh or the way craters pockmark the moon. i just like it. i've been doodling things like this for years. i even sewed lots of little cells into that contour mini quilt below. it's the only semi-serial work i've ever been interested in producing, even if it is sort of piecemeal. anyway, it's fun. and a nice break from the ole sewing machine. not that the break will last--i just got TWO gift cards for my local fabric shop at my little birthday celebration yesterday. the only reason i haven't spent that money already and started sewing more things is because i don't have transportation, ha.

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blessedby5 said...

You are too talented for words! Love your blog;-)