Wednesday, February 17, 2010


it's been a dirty few days for the grigoryev household.

our septic tank has been messed up for the last month, so this weekend my husband decided to dig up half our front yard to put in a new drain field. it was exhausting watching him work. :)  he wouldn't let me help because he didn't want me to give the baby "toxic nasties" (plus i think that as a man he just didn't want his wife digging in poop, which i totally appreciate) so i helped in my own way by making sure there was food and water available for his breaks and stuff. 

awww...look at my little slaves--ahem, i mean men--in training.

that being said, all the outdoor work inspired me to get outdoors myself. for years and years i bemoaned apartment living because you could never be outside really. then we FINALLY get a house and what do i do? find a million things to do INDOORS, of course. tsk tsk. so yesterday i decided to build some raised bed gardens and start planning out my little organic garden. 

i do so enjoy using power tools and playing in dirt, although wielding a shovel is not necessarily my favorite thing ever. these were super simple to make. a few lengths of 2 x 6 lumber, and a few grading stakes all pre-drilled and then assembled with exterior screws. i spray painted around the edges so i could figure out where i wanted them, then dug up the grass. that part was hard. so was finding enough dirt to fill up the big one. i still don't know where i'm going to get dirt to fill up the smaller one, but i'm not in a rush.

it was so nice to be outside enjoying the sun and cool weather. i actually got some sun on my pasty face, too, which was heavenly.


foldreformer said...

I've always wanted to have raised beds, at one point it was in the plans, but I think the last 5 years pretty much smothered everything and now I'll be happy if he fills the back yard with concrete!

On another point, I saw that you follow Sophie Blackwell's blog. I just discovered her through etsy, and was intriqued by her missed connections art. I am so happy to have found her blog about her project, it is so interesting, isn't it?!

Susan said...

you weren't kidding when you told me about these - yay! imagine if you had doubled the height... where would the dirt come from then??? eeek!

your yard looks so big and green and beautiful. i'm not jealous, really... but i am happy for you :)