Friday, February 12, 2010

wake me up

right now i think i would give someone this

in exchange for this

last night i was crying. why doesn't matter, what matters is i totally dehydrated myself by leaking fluid from my eyes and nose, then fell asleep. had a bunch of crazy fever dreams, then woke up at 6a.m. to the sounds of hungry baby. it was dark outside, and rainy. my eyelids were swollen and my vision blurred. 

gah! i said. i need coffee.

but is there any? nope. can i get any? nope. it's too bad nobody has a coffee delivery business cause i'd be a faithful customer. 

i've tried working today but i just can't get my brain and body in gear. oh, and i broke four needles on my sewing machine trying to work on a quilt. so now i have no coffee and no sewing machine needles. 

i think i'll go back to bed.


annie said...

Sign me up for the Starbucks delivery! My little sweet pea, who should by all means have been sleeping through the night for eons has decided to pose as a newborn during the night, and wake up every two hours... just a season, just a season...:) Wishing you a good, good night of sleep!

foldreformer said...

I've never been a coffee person, I've never needed it or made it on a regular basis, but lately by afternoon, I have no energy and am defenseless against the wave of sleepiness I have when it's V's nap time. Maybe it's time to start making coffee.