Thursday, February 11, 2010

thursday, and the return of frank

today i have a date with an old friend.

after nearly a year of frank living with my brother, and another few weeks of him staying with my friend james, frank is finally coming home where he belongs.
frank is my guitar. i don't even remember at this point how he got this name. anyway...

here's a glimpse of what i intend to do today.

what's on your to-do list today??


abby said...

-lightbulb for stove and sconce
-razors (i'm getting pretty cavewoman-ish)
-papertowls (my day of cleaning as been halted by lackthereof)

blessedby5 said...

Frank is my husbands real first name I find that funny but I am probably the only one out there that thinks this. Love your list wish I had a list like that:-)

foldreformer said...

You to do list was right out of a real simple mag, or something, mine is much more scatterbrained, especailly when I don't remember things I need to do till later in the day, ugh. Can't I just plug in a USB drive to my head and download myself a to do list of all the stuff I really need to do? I wish.

goldmorning said...

pay car insurance
pay phone bill
pay hannah her money back
pay car registration
fix alignment in car, take to shop.
buy jessica green birthday present

ohhh, so splendid!